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Do You Know What Energizes Your Home?

Federal Pacific Electric "Stab-Lok" service panels and breakers have been around since the 1970's, and are still quite commonly found in many of the long established communities that we serve still today!

These service panels and breakers are dangerous and can fail, leading to electrical house fires. Simply put, the breakers sometimes don't trip when they are called to trip, meaning overheating has occurred and the breaker or breakers do not provide the protection they were designed to provide.

This problem has been widely known for many years around the country. In many cases, when tested, switches that had never been touched before have failed at an alarming rate of 25 percent of the time and more.

The only safe thing to do when found, is total replacement of the service box and its breakers with a more current and time tested electrical service panel.

Best Choice is quite familiar with these service panels, and with many other known deficincies throughout the Northern Virginia area. For a thorough evaluation of your potential new home purchase, be sure to contact Best Choice, and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with knowing that you have taken the best step in assuring that your home has been inspected by a company experienced with these type problems, and that we are dedicated to your safety and well being! Call us Today! 1-866-324-3990    

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