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Does Your Roof Pass The Grade?

In light of the snowfall that we have experienced thus far, and with the winter months still facing us, how can you know if you have a problem with your roof? With the extreme amounts of snow and ice that our region is experiencing this year, there is a very real possibility that your roof could have a problem, especially in older construction when building practices were of lesser design and methods.


If you have noticed any visible sagging in your ceilings and/ or roof framing, new cracks in your homes walls, unusual noises not heard before, or any abnormal deflections in your roof framing, chances are your roof is experiencing an overload of snow and ice, and proper evaluation of your roof by a specialist should be obtained.


When you throw in snow drifting and strong winds, the weight of the snow can be much more extreme. When the winter thaw begins, the melting of snow and re-freezing of ice on your roof can be as much or more of a problem than the two-plus feet of snow already there. During this phase of melting and re-freezing of snow and ice, it is essential to keep the areas around the roof drains clear, so that melting snow or rain does not accumulate, causing ice dams at the edges and valleys of the roof, adding again to the roof load.


When the snow and ice begins to melt, there is also the possibility (and danger), of snow slides falling off of sloped roofs. A snow slide can shear off your chimneys, gutters, vents, and any number of other important elements to your home, not to mention it’s endangering of people and vehicles on the ground, doing damage to lower roofs, and the damage it can do to your mechanical and electrical equipment found outside. And let’s not forget about those dangerous icicles forming along overhangs, presenting hazards to people and property below.  


There are many things to consider when evaluating your roof, and even more to consider when buying a new home. For a professional home inspection by a leader in its industry, call “BestChoice” at 540-898-8188, and experience professionalism at its BEST   

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