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The Meltdown: What To Do With That Excessive Drainage

As our weather warms, residents may soon be dealing with threats of flooding from the inordinate amounts of snow dealt our region over the past couple weeks.


Fortunately, there are some measures that can be taken to help prevent flooding and water damage to your home.


First and foremost, do not become conservative with your house heat at this time! Heating bills are high, and money is no doubt tight because of the recent storms. But now is not the time to save on your heating bill. The heat in your home is very important in the process of melting the snow from your roof. As the heat rises, it helps the rooftop snow to melt and helps to prevent ice dams from forming. Clear gutters and drains prevent water from backing up into your home.


If you see the snow melting and dripping from the edge of your roof, that’s a good sign. It’s a good indication that ice dams are probably not developing. If you find that ice dams are forming and need to be removed from your gutters, do not attempt to get on a ladder or climb onto your roof to do the removal for yourself, as it will be slick and a danger for potential fall. Even if you see cleared shingle that you think will be safe; black ice may be present and still a danger. Please call a professional who specializes in this service.


It is always a good idea to remove large accumulations of snow from areas where it could melt and enter your home. Shovel snow away from the perimeter of your home, and clearing your decks, patios, and driveways that slope toward your home is always a good idea as well.


Keeping your ground drains free from snow and debris is paramount to promoting proper drainage. Make sure that drains near your home, such as sub-grade entry drains, and drains around your driveway, are free and clear from blockages.


Consider where the drainage will go when the snow and ice begin to melt. The combination of melting snow and ice, combined with rain, can create some serious run-off conditions. When shoveling, be mindful of where the snow will drain to once it starts to melt; and if at all possible, try creating passageways with your shovel, diverting drainage to its nearest drain.   


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