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Should Home Inspectors Be Contracting Repair Work From Their Inspections

Doing the Repair Work on homes that We have inspected, or doing the Mitigation Work on homes We found to have a Mold or Radon problem, is a "Conflict Of Interest!" We, as Professional Home Inspectors, have a responsibility to everyone involved in the transaction; and that is to perform our inspections without conflict. 

Performing these repairs, as a home inspector, violates the "Code of Ethics," of every recognized, "Home Inspection Association," in the country and beyond. And there are excellent reasons for it!

Inspectors must be objective in their inspections, and there should be assurance that there is no potential for a conflict of interest by the home inspector. But when the home inspector is allowed to perform the repairs of the defective components he finds during the course of his home inspection,  his paid for home inspection has now become a search for "Contractors Repair Work," for a fee. And who can really say with any certainty that the work was ever really needed. "Now that has the appearance of a Conflict of Interest!" 

All home inspectors have a responsibility to work only for the person who hired them. To not accept any repair work from anyone that is based on the findings of his inspection services. Without this ingredient being present in our services, there is always the potential for conflict, and when these standards are not met, it is normally the Buyer of a property who will face the bigger concerns. All repair work followed by a home inspection, should be performed by Independent Professional Contractors, who have no interest in the property or its transaction. Insist on repairs without conflict, especially if you are the Buyer.      

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