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Client Testimonials

I feel very comfortable with the new home I am purchasing due to the very thorough and knowledgeable inspection. Thank you!

J. Sobon
Alexandria, VA

I'm very glad that I stayed for the whole inspection as the information the inspector provided was very valuable. I learned a lot about the previous care of the home and its current condition.  

A. Marable 
Woodbridge, VA 

You did an outstanding job!!!! The buyers were very happy and of course, so was I. Very informative, took your time, went over the issues they had, addressed their concerns in such a reassuring manner. Sometimes a nervous buyer just needs to know that their heart didn't get in the way of their brain. I am so happy that you contacted me and I will call on you again soon...

B. Eby   
Avery Hess

He exceeded my expectations and was very helpful and extremely courteous. The inspection was extremely important and informative and worth every penny.

A. Reneau
Manassas, VA 

You did an outstanding job, as always, and I'm thankful for that great job too!

V. Turner
Long & Foster 

The inspection was informative, especially for someone such as myself, who doesn't know the systems of a home. I'm just very pleased.

R. Jamison
Stafford, VA 

Awesome, very awesome! At first I was hesitant to order a home inspection, but my realtor assured me that you would do a very good job, and she was right! Attention to detail, explained your findings, took your time, gave us home maintenance tips and idea's, and just an overall great experience. Thank you so much!

M. Helton
Alexandria, VA

You were a delight to watch! My Husband and I were very pleased to see you taking your time and making sure that we understood everything that you were doing. If we ever buy another home, we will definitely use Best Choice again!

J. Johnson
Fairfax, VA

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